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Mentions of age, gender and place of residence to be banned in job ads - RABOTA KA, IT- vacancies, search personel

The Labor and Social Welfare Ministry is to fight employment discrimination by banning all mention of age, sex, race and place of residence in job adverts.

No more discriminatory ads
The ministry plans to make changes to the law on employment to stop recruiting agencies or employers themselves from stating discriminatory demands.
The new law would also ban mentions of religion, political views and membership or otherwise in public organizations.
If the changes are approved, only professional qualifications and skills would be allowable in adverts.
Those who violate the new rules could be fined – individuals by to 500-1,000 rubles, individual entrepreneurs by 3,000-5,000 rubles and companies by 10,000-15,000 rubles.
No ban now
At the moment it is illegal to discriminate against potential employees, but there is no rule that bans writing about it, said Deputy Labor and Social Welfare Minister Alexei Vovchenko.
Therefore almost all current job listings contain discriminatory provisions that restrict citizens’ labor rights and freedoms. As a result, many qualified skilled workers cannot find a job after they reach a certain age.
“This rule will give people the right to not just end up flipping through such ads in search of work and actually attend an interview. And it is worth it, because a lot depends on the personal impression from the candidate,” he told Rossiiskaya Gazeta.
He explained that people look differently and have varying degrees of skill. And sometimes it happens that older-aged people look great and have good experience. And even if the employer was originally prejudiced against middle- and older-aged people, the employer’s view could be changed completely after a personal meeting.
No major changes
However, experts do not think this will lead to any major changes.
Even if employers do not put age restrictions into the adverts, job search websites will still filter the employees based on the age they list when filling in registration forms.
“The Labor [and Social Welfare] Ministry’s initiative will increase the unnecessary flow of resumes from candidates, who still will not get the job because employers will not give up their criteria,” the president of Ekopsi Konsalting, Mark Rozin, told Kommersant.
The HeadHunter company said it was already fighting discrimination by explaining to employers that their demands are inappropriate.
“Over the past few years the number of job ads with discriminatory criteria fell by 30 percent,” said the company’s spokesman.
“Of course, even after removing references to age and gender from the ads, discrimination will persist. But the culture will change and the workers’ chances will rise,” said a leading specialist on socio-economic programs at the Socio-Labor Rights Center, Pyotr Bizyukov.
However, it will remain almost impossible to prove that the candidate was denied a job illegally.
The bill is to be introduced in the State Duma in December 2012.

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